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The Optic Edge 3-in-1 LED Advantage

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The secret is our bulb technology.

Optic Comparison

What sets us apart?

Unlike traditional RGB bulb clusters where light mixes in front (or outside) the sign (see diagram), our bulb technology captures and mixes light inside our proprietary lens. This allows for the creation of vivid and clear colors (including true white).

Optic Edge 3-in-1 Blub

In addition, our bulb technology provides for tighter bulb spacing (i.e. more ‘pixels’) for clearer images and wider viewing areas than traditional RGB bulb clusters. Our signs utilize 10mm pixel spacing which clusters. Our signs utilize 10mm pixel spacing which is excellent for most driving and viewing applications.

Lastly, with our competitive pricing, you have access to the clearest, most vivid digital sign on the market to communicate with your customers and increase sales. We are confident you will be pleased with the return on your sign investment.

10mm Panel Vs 16mm Panel
  • 10mm spacing has 1000 bulbs/pixels per square foot

  • 16mm spacing has 400 bulbs/pixels per square foot

  • More Bulbs = Better Picture

True Color Technology

RGB Bulb vs 3-in-1 Optic Edge Bulb

3 RGB Bulb Cluster vs Optic Edge 3-in-1 Bulb

Traditional RGB bulb clusters utilize 3 separate Red, Green, and Blue bulbs and create color by blending away from bulbs. Color moves away from bulbs in all directions and distorts colors around it. In comparison, our 3-in-1 bulb uses 3 distinct diodes in one clear bulb lens that allows light to mix inside the bulb and directs that singular undistorted color away from the sign.

Popular Sizes and Digital Modules Details

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