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It’s Time To Budget For A Digital Sign

As you prepare to budget for 2022, think about digital signage as a better, more effective way to communicate. Why should you purchase a digital sign? Digital signs offer flexible, effortless communication and can be updated in seconds from the comfort of anywhere you want.


Our unique 3-in-1 LED bulb means your sign message will be clearer and the colors more vivid than a traditional digital sign. Our bulb allows for closer spacing which means we can fit more bulbs on our digital sign. That increases the pixels, therefore allowing for more vibrant images


A variety of messages can be put on a digital sign. Easily communicate sales promotions, meeting dates, sporting and community events, daily specials, worship times, and school activities just to name a few! The options are endless.


Static signs only allow a single message and letter boards must be manually changed. Digital signs allow many different messages that rotate and can even be set up to run specific messages at certain times during the day. Advertising soup for lunch and steak for dinner? No problem. Gone are the days of keeping track of the plastic letters that blow away in the wind.


Digital signs are one of the fastest growing advertising mediums and are much more affordable than they were just a few years ago. Additionally, Optic Edge digital signs are factory direct, eliminating the middleman, allowing us to pass the savings on to you.


As business owners, we know you’re busy. That’s why we manage every aspect of the installation. You don’t need to do a thing! We would be honored to help you make your messages to your community more visible and engaging. If you are interested in a demonstration, please call Optic Edge at 833-678-3343. We would be happy to meet with you and ensure your 2022 budget includes digital signage.

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