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Save Your Time. Grow Your Brand.


We Are Your Slide Experts

Our designers have the experience, design capabilities, and top-notch programming to maintain fresh and influential messaging for your digital sign.  Let our experts design specifically for you and your business and you won’t be overlooked again!

What We Offer

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Stock Slides

A popular premade digital message designed by our professional team. With a click of your mouse, you can download your new message and upload it to your board at a moment's notice. Check out our vast library created for many industries for a quick and easy way to refresh your messages.

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Editable Slides

Customize your digital messages in seconds. Choose from our many templates created for many different occasions. Then, simply add your desired text, and you are ready to publish your personalized message without the stress and hassle of creating your message from scratch.

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Video Slides

Achieve superior status with our video slides. Video clips will capture your viewers imagination and drive them right into your parking lot. Our designers combine action effects with contrasting colors and large fonts to produce high quality content for your LED board.

Custom Slides

Are you looking for a custom message created specifically for your business? Our designers will work directly with you to customize content specific to your needs. Let Optic Edge take the design work off of your plate and create content that will be sure to grow your sales.

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