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Why You Should Use Digital Signs for Your Establishment

What are digital signs?

If you haven't already invested in digital signs for your business, you may wonder if they are worth investing in. Before you can decide whether digital signs are the right next step for your business, you need to know what they are.

Digital signage is also referred to as electronic signage or dynamic signage. It is a type of advertising that uses images, videos, messaging, and sounds to grab your customers' attention more effectively.

How can digital signs benefit businesses?

Before investing in digital signs rather than traditional signs, you may wonder what exactly a digital sign can help you with. Signs and advertisements are not a new concept, but businesses can use more advanced signage methods — such as digital signs — rather than traditional ones as technology progresses.

This can help them better keep their content up-to-date and relevant to their business and customers without needing to create new signs constantly.

They're eye-catching

Another benefit of digital signs is that they are attention-grabbing. Because they are constructed with LED lights, LCD screens, or plasma displays, they are frequently much more vibrant and can even include moving graphics. This makes them more interesting to look at and helps them to be more effective in grabbing your customers' attention.

They're interactive

Digital displays can show moving images and text, making them more interactive for your audience. Rather than being stuck on a single view, you can create a series of "slides" or images that can be cycled through for a more exciting advertisement.

Another example of interactive digital signs is a kiosk. Whether buying movie tickets, renting a book, or picking a bus route, kiosks are a great way to advertise your product or service more interactively.

They're informative

Because you do not have to worry about fitting all your advertisements onto a single sheet, you can more effectively give your audience all the information they are looking for about your product or service.

The different types of digital signs

Before you decide to opt for digital signage rather than traditional signage, it is crucial to recognize that there are different types of digital signs. Digital printing can become expensive, and if you constantly need to re-print your advertisements when they become outdated, you may be spending way more on your advertising campaigns than you need to. This is why many people opt for digital signs rather than traditional printed ones.

Outdoor digital signs

The first type of digital sign is the outdoor sign. You can think of these as billboards or other advertising signs on the sides of buildings or establishments. These are great for capturing people's attention as they walk, drive, or otherwise travel through an area.

Indoor digital signs

Indoor signs are often smaller and can be found in highly populated areas, such as grocery stores, malls, and other larger locations where people frequent. These signs are great for marketing to people as they are already in the shopping mindset.

How to use digital signs effectively

While digital signage is growing in popularity, there are still some tips and techniques you should employ if you want to ensure that your new signs are being used effectively.


As with all types of signs and advertisements, location is key to success. If you put up your digital sign in a secluded area that does not get a lot of traffic, you will miss out on many potential customers. You want to ensure that your sign is located in a moderate- to a high-traffic area that will be relevant to your organization.

In other words, you probably do not want to be putting digital signs for schools in a very adult-centered location — such as near a collection of bars, clubs, and casinos. Even though these locations may have high traffic, your sign will likely be ignored because the audience is not suitable for your organization.


Effective digital signage should include informational and attention-grabbing content. You want these signs to pique the interest of your audience even in a crowded location. To do this, you want to ensure that the information you include is appealing and formatted well.

Monument LED Signs

Monument LED signs are one suitable type of digital signage that you can use to get the most out of your signs. These large freestanding signs are close to ground level and are weather resistant. These signs can be highly effective in drawing in new customers because they are easily within view of people walking or driving by.

Classic Look with Modern Technology

Monument signs are not a new concept, but digital monument signs can take this classic signage format and convert it into something modern and captivating for people of all ages.

What our successful clients are saying

At Optic Edge, we have helped many organizations — from schools, churches, restaurants, or dental clinics — create more eye-catching and effective digital signage for their businesses. Happy customers note an increase in sales as soon as they turn on their new LED signs and remark on the stellar service and guidance our team offers as they get used to their new advertisement method.

Stand out from the crowd with an LED sign!

If you are still relying on traditional signs for your business, you are missing out on several benefits that LED signage can bring. Not only can LED signs look more vibrant and exciting but they can also be updated much quicker than traditional signs. This means that you can stand out from your competitors by updating the look and information on your LED signs without paying a steep price each time.


Whether you are in the market for a new sign for your organization or are simply looking for ways to improve your branding and communication with your customers, a digital sign may be an excellent choice. These eye-catching and informative signs can bring a level of intrigue and interactivity to your organization and help you hold your audience's attention — even in a busy location,

So, if you are ready to take your business‘s advertising to the next level, it may be time to invest in a digital sign. Head over to Optic Edge today for a free consultation!

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