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Optic Edge is one of the only digital sign providers that offer 3-in-1 Drop in Pin (DIP) technology. DIP involves using all three (RGB) color nodes residing in a single bulb casing. This produces more vibrant and true colors while allowing tighter bulb spacing (i.e. pixels) for a crisp image. DIP also offers the widest viewing opportunities.

  • Brighter displays

  • Longer bulb life

  • Truer and more vibrant colors

  • Tighter spacing

  • Clearer image

Factory Direct

Our technology and customer care come at a factory direct price.
There is no middle man. We pass along our savings to you.

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Optic Edge makes it easy! You're assigned a dedicated team member to be your point of contact from start to finish and beyond. We are committed to your success today and into the future.

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