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Our Digital Sign Partnership

Who We Are

Optic Edge’s mission is to provide best in class digital communication solutions through the means of digital signs and strong partnerships. As digital signs have evolved from simple monochrome scrollers to high-definition LEDs, Optic Edge has stayed ahead of the curve with innovation and quality.

As a factory direct business, we have saved our customers thousands of dollars on the latest in digital signs. We have helped guide our clients in selecting the best digital solutions for communicating with their customers and thus creating more demand for their products and services.


Our partnership continues with our customers after the purchase of the digital sign to support content creation and management. As we continue to grow and change with the industry, we invite you to explore digital signage options and how they can be the right solution for your business needs today.

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We Manage the Whole Process

Have you ever had the challenge of navigating different departments as you work on a complex project?  Accounting, purchasing, design, permitting, training, installation, customer service, the list can go on forever!  At Optic Edge, we understand how busy you are and just how time consuming and frustrating that can be.  That is why we assign a dedicated customer support team member to be your point of contact.  Let us make this project as easy as possible for you so that you have time to manage and enjoy the things that are important to you.

We Manage the Whole Process
Construction Workers

Site Survey

Using the latest technology and time tested tools, we ensure that your sign can be placed right where you need it.



Our graphics team melds your logo and sign specifications to allow you to really see your future sign in a scaled rendering.

Permitting and Planning

We ensure that your sign complies with all local ordinances and that all permits and fees are approved on time before construction begins.


Installation and Training

On installation day, our IT specialists will train you in the dedicated sign software you'll use to control your sign.

Permitting & Zoning Experts

Permitting & Zoning Experts

When you bring your project idea to us, we get to work to make your plan come to life.  The first step for us is to research the township zoning and ordinance information for your location.

Your local city or township governs sign specifications related to the size, height and often the location of where you can place your sign.  The brightness or luminance can also be limited and usually requires automatic dimming features to ensure compliance within regulation.  Rest assured, we will program your sign in alignment of these requirements and will ensure you are aware of any local important information as needed to manage your sign.

As your project progresses, the proper permitting will need to be obtained and approved from local municipals.  Not sure which permits are needed or how to obtain copies of stress sheets, site plans and other project dimensions?  At Optic Edge, we make this easy!  Our permitting and zoning experts work in conjunction with your local district to obtain everything you need for your new sign installation.



We Want to Help You Grow

At Optic Edge, we see ourselves as more than ‘just a sign company’.  We are emotionally invested in helping you succeed in your endeavors. Why? When your business does well, our sign looks good and it helps us too!  From the beginning conversations through the life of your sign, we’re here to help you grow and prosper.


Tell us about your project today.

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